Willie Cecogo

Before Photography is not just my part-time job, it is my passion. But it was not always so – before 1990, I had hardly touched anything more complicated than a point and shoot camera. It took me many years to discover this passion in myself, but once I discovered it, I never quit improving my skills. Here are a few words about me and my photography:

My Story and Photography

I was born and raised in the Philippines. I soon moved to the Middle East, and worked in Saudi Arabia as a Biomedical Equipment Technician in a leading Saudi Military hospital. It was in Saudi Arabia that I discovered photography as a hobby that helped me combat boredom after work hours. For some time, I was content to use a point and shoot camera, but one day I decided to buy a film SLR.

I found that I loved to photograph; this new found love propelled me to improve my skills as a photographer. I attended photography seminars and photo safaris in my native Philippines, which gave me a taste of the kind of photography I will later do in Africa.

Moving to Botswana for work was a godsend for me and my photography. The beauty and thrill that is presented by African wildlife and nature inspired me to become serious about photography, which was more of a passion now. Today, I still have a day job, but I work as a professional photographer when I am not at work.

I continue to hone my photography and post-processing skills by practicing them regularly and by attending workshops for that purpose. With improvement in technology, I started using digital cameras some time back, and today my primary camera is a digital SLR.


I am currently based in Botswana, and regularly go on wildlife photo shoots in game reserves here as well as in South Africa and Swaziland. You can see photographs from my photo shoot safaris in the gallery section of this site. As a professional photographer, I also shoot weddings and events. If you want my services, please contact me at least 2 weeks before the event to know of my availability.


I always keep myself updated with the latest in photography technology and instruments. I use Nikon DSLR at present, and all the lenses I require for my photo safaris and event photography. I edit the captured images using Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro for videos.

As someone who picked up photography to kill time in the desert lands of Saudi Arabia, I have been fortunate to form some great memories doing wildlife and nature photography in Africa. As I continue to add to these memories in my adventures, my photographs make sure that others too get to see the world through my eyes.

email to contact me :__ wcecogo@yahoo.com